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Tow Truck Insurance Monongahela Pennsylvania

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Tow Truck Insurance Philadelphia PA — You Can Lose Everything in the Blink of an Eye!

Hiring the wrong driver could cost you your entire business! Let’s see a fictitious example of how that happened with one towing operator who had been in business for some time.

Ted Jones of Jonesy Tosi Towing has a small but very financially successful towing operation.

Ted owns three tow trucks and employs three full-time drivers, two part-time drivers, and three other full-time staff to manage his business. One of Ted’s most experienced drivers, Bill Davis, tells Ted that he is going to be retiring and moving to Florida and his last day on the job is today.

Ted was caught completely unaware by Bill’s plans to suddenly retire and now he’s in a bad spot because he runs a 24-hour towing service and Bill just so happens to run the graveyard shift.

Ted tries to talk Bill out of quitting so soon but Bill has made up his mind, sold his house, purchased a small one-bedroom condo in Clearwater Florida, and is leaving tomorrow.

Ted now needs to scramble to find a replacement driver which will be tough in itself because, up until this point, Bill had been so reliable. Otherwise, he’s going to be running the graveyard shift himself personally.

Ted is getting close to retirement age himself and really doesn’t want to work more than he has to, especially from 12 am to 8 am in the morning. Ted runs a few ads online and has several people who call him for the job. He sets three interviews.

Two potential hires show up for the interview. One, named Jerry, is clearly hungover, with a heavy 5 o’clock shadow at 10:00 in the morning. The other is a younger man named Buzzy Bigelow, maybe 25 years old, if Ted had to guess.

Jerry was slovenly dressed, reeked of alcohol, and clearly, Ted could see, would not be someone he would entrust to driving his trucks.

Buzzy seemed to be the best of the two candidates so Ted hires him on the spot. However, Ted, in his desire to hire someone immediately, failed to run Buzzy’s MVR or ask for references.

Buzzy did give Ted a resume showing that he had three years of experience working for a company in Michigan and recently moved back home to Pennsylvania.

Wrecker Insurance Philadelphia PA — Hook, Line, and Sinker.

Ted bought Buzzy’s story hook, line, and sinker without checking his resume or running an MVR.


Ted also wanted to bring Buzzy on as soon as possible because he had a scheduled seven-day cruise that was leaving in two days from Miami that he was going to take with his wife of 27 years, Belinda.

The other drivers assured Ted they could cover the slack in Ted’s absence, but Ted did not want to pay the extra overtime to his drivers so he hands the keys to one of the trucks over to Buzzy.

The next day, Ted and his wife are driven to the airport by their daughter Jane and they excitedly wait for their flight. They make it to the Miami airport at around noon and catch a shuttle service to the dock where they will sail away on their dream vacation to the Caribbean.

Before leaving, Ted calls the shop to check in to make sure Buzzy showed up for work. Ted’s dispatcher, Sally, assured him Buzzy showed up 30 minutes early for his training day with Pete Hilton, his day driver.

Both Sally and Pete are enthused about Buzzy’s positive disposition. Pete confidently assures Ted he made a good hiring decision. This gives Ted peace of mind so he can enjoy his Caribbean cruise.

Since Ted will be out of the country he has no access to email or text messages and he thoroughly enjoys his dream vacation with his wife.

As is true of all vacations, all good things come to an end. About 15 minutes before the cruise ship docks in Miami, Ted turns his cell phone on for the first time in a week and notices there are at least 50 text messages. He starts to go through them one by one.

Belinda, Ted’s wife, notices her husband’s expression go from alarm to something she’s never seen before; she sees an absolute look of horror on Ted’s face!

Buzzy, a One Man Wrecking Machine

After his training day with Pete, Buzzy hit the road the next evening on his own. After an excellent day of training, Buzzy turned into a one-man wrecking machine the next day once he was on his own.

Unbeknownst to Ted – because he didn’t check by running a simple motor vehicle report – Buzzy was an addict. He took hard drugs several times to calm his nerves before driving Ted’s large tow truck.

It’s tough to operate any type of machinery or large tow trucks when sober, let alone when you are under the influence of opioids.

It was reported to Ted after the fact via the local law enforcement that Buzzy damaged or wrecked five customer vehicles by 10:00 PM, severely injuring two people, one of whom later died.

Buzzy was subsequently chased by three police cars until they used stop sticks to prevent Buzzy from additional harm or property damage.

Ted’s $90,000 2017 wrecker was damaged and impounded. Buzzy was facing vehicular homicide charges. He later opted for a plea deal and got seven years.

Weeks later, Ted’s business was hit with five different lawsuits. Over time, judgments were assessed against Ted’s business, coming in at $9.8 million. One person, as was previously reported, died at the scene, and a second person was seriously injured, paralyzed from the waist down. There were a few other minor injuries.

Ted’s policy paid $1 million to the deceased victim as that was his maximum limit allowed. After that, Ted was forced to hire his own attorney to defend against the other lawsuits.

Ted lost his entire business because he failed to check Buzzy’s MVR and references, the latter being completely fabricated by Buzzy.

Tow Truck Insurance Pennsylvania — A Simple Mistake Ted Made!

If Ted would have taken the time to run a simple MVR on Buzzy he would’ve discovered that his driver’s license had been revoked because of two previous driving under the influence charges, in addition to three accidents and seven speeding tickets in the last three years.

Buzzy was actually 34 years old, living at his girlfriend’s home and desperate to feed his addiction but blessed with stunningly youthful looks and a sunny disposition.

He was under the influence at the interview yet Ted had no idea. Buzzy had never driven a tow truck in his life, and he was really hoping that Ted would not check his driver’s license number. Obviously, Ted did not.

In fact, Ted had forgotten to even call his insurance agent to add Buzzy to his policy because he was in such a rush to enjoy the last nice vacation he would ever have.

Ted’s insurance company had sent out a letter to Ted with something called a reservation of rights clause. In the beginning, it was Ted’s insurance company’s intention to fight Ted on paying the claim.

After a brief investigation, they decided that there was no malfeasance, or wrongdoing, on Ted’s part. He simply made a mistake. A big mistake.

Ted’s insurance company paid the $1 million claim, then promptly notified him they would no longer provide legal representation, as their obligation under their contract had been fulfilled with the claim payment.

Next, Ted’s insurance company canceled his policy, which really didn’t matter at this point. With all of the bad publicity, Ted’s business was going down the drain quickly.

The multi-million dollar judgments forced Ted into bankruptcy. He lost the business that he had worked so hard to develop.

Years of hard work and labor, many late nights, and, as the saying goes, lots of blood, sweat, and tears were all wiped out in the blink of an eye.

Buzzy really did not intend the harm he caused. He cleaned himself up in prison and was released two years early.

Ted never recovered. He went to work driving a tow truck for one of his competitors. His wife was forced to take a full-time job. He could no longer afford the home he had lived in for the last 19 years. Ted was ruined financially,

All because of one simple mistake, a mistake that you yourself could make quite easily.

Never allow someone to get behind the wheel of one of your commercial trucks without running their MVR reports.

Never fail to add drivers to your policy who are operating your covered vehicles. In the case above, Ted’s insurance company paid the claim of $1 million but they were willing to fight him in the beginning because they thought that Ted was trying to pull a fast one on them.

Some insurance companies would not have paid the claim because of exclusions within the fine print of their policy.

Don’t make Ted’s mistake your mistake.

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Tow Truck Insurance Pennsylvania — The Secret to Keeping Low Rates Explained!

Tow Truck Insurance PennsylvaniaIf you’re looking for the best options for Tow Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania you have found the right website.

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Want to know the secret to keeping your rates on Pennsylvania Tow Truck Insurance low for as long as you are in the towing business? Keep reading.

Tow Truck Insurance Pennsylvania — Give Us the Facts, Jack!

You might mistakenly conclude that the absolute secret to keeping your rates low for Tow Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania is to simply shop around from year to year. On one hand that sounds logical, but here’s the problem: There are relatively few insurance companies offering Tow Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania.

By contrast, there are hundreds of different insurers that offer Car or Home Insurance in Pennsylvania. Not so for Commercial Tow Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania.

Why are there so few companies willing to offer commercial Tow Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania?

It’s an interesting question, but here’s one answer. Commercial insurance inherently comes with more risk for insurers.

For example, tow trucks can range in size from small- to medium-duty trucks, up to tractor-trailer tow trucks that can pack a punch when they run into other vehicles, buildings, and, upon unfortunate occasion, people.

Example: in 2016, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 4,440 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes, a 2 percent increase from 2015. The number of large trucks and buses in fatal crashes has increased by 29 percent from its low of 3,432 in 2009. You can read that report by clicking on Trucking Accidents.

In addition, some towing companies have not been as strict in their hiring practices for drivers, making the mistake of hiring some individuals that would automatically need to be placed in a high-risk insurance category if they bought a personal car insurance policy.

In addition, aggressive towing practices have led to claims that were in most cases totally preventable.

Towing companies that work for auto clubs are paid less money than typical towing for hire and road side assistance companies. And the tow drivers, most on commissions themselves, are in a quick hurry to get from tow to tow, leading to haphazard activities by drivers that lead to unnecessary claims.

Example: one towing company had so many minor claims within a two-year period of time, mainly involving damage to customer vehicles that are being transported, that they could no longer find an insurance company willing to insure them affordably. They were forced to close down their multi-million dollar towing operation.

So, the bottom line is that few insurers want to provide Tow Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania.

Companies that you see advertising on television for car insurance will not offer this type of commercial insurance. It is simply a risk beyond their scope of acceptability. Therefore, fewer options mean higher prices.

However, there are some steps that you can take to keep your rates low, in contrast to towing companies that fail to take these steps. Let’s examine them now.

How to Keep Low Rates on Pennsylvania Tow Truck Insurance — Explained!

Because there are so few companies offering Pennsylvania Tow Truck Insurance it’s important for towing operators to understand which businesses get the best rates and which do not.

Example: The number 1 rate factor is claims history. A towing company paying the lowest premium rates will have had zero claims in the last 3 to 5 years. A company paying the highest premium is due to claim activity.

The difference between a company paying the least and the most for Pennsylvania Tow Truck Insurance could be ten times or more!

For example, it could be possible for a towing operator to pay as little as $3,000 per year per truck when they have a spotless claim record. Or, that same operator with a poor loss history could pay $30,000 per truck per year or more! (True)

Here’s the question to consider: Is it conceivably possible for a towing operator to have zero claims?


Just like it is possible for someone who drives a personal automobile to never have had an accident it is possible for drivers of towing operations to be claim free.

How is it possible to be claim free? Hiring good drivers, firing bad drivers immediately, and good equipment and safety training. A good towing operation has a regimented safety training program, evaluates drivers on a regular basis, runs MVR reports frequently, and performs random drug tests.

Tow Truck Insurance Pennsylvania — Why Proper Experience & Training Is Vital

Why is driver training vital? Example: Many years ago, after being discharged from the military, I accepted my first civilian job working as an electronic tech for a scale company.

The scales we worked on were both small and large, i.e. truck scales for weigh stations. One day, my manager tells me to take the weight truck over to a weigh station in Indiana so that it could be tested and calibrated because there had been reports that it was providing inaccurate readings. I immediately told my supervisor that I have never driven a tractor truck before!

The weight truck carried a number of 5,000 pound test weights and the truck itself was a large international tractor truck. He throws the keys to me and tells me to practice driving the truck in the parking lot.

I did what my supervisor told me, practicing for about 15 minutes before he comes out to yell at me that I have had enough practice driving the truck and need to hit the road.

Turning on to the highway in that big truck was a bit nerve wracking as I knew I did not have enough experience behind the wheel, and, of course, ZERO training other than my 15-minute practice session in a parking lot.

Fortunately, I didn’t have an accident and I drove the truck half a dozen additional times before they got tired of hearing me grind the gears. They took me off big truck driving duties and gave me a smaller 25-foot box truck to drive.

Here is the problem: I had absolutely no business driving a tractor trailer. The probability of having an accident was great, and the fact I had ZERO experience driving a truck that large without a CDL license would have also been problematic for me in the event of a crash.

Training can make a big difference in your claims track record as a towing operator.

If you offer the same level of training that my supervisor did for me personally, this is a sure-fire recipe for disaster!

Do not allow inexperienced individuals to “learn on their own”. Make sure that you offer ride along training to observe the driver. Otherwise you may regret it later.

Remember, you are ultimately responsible for the actions of your drivers, regardless of whether they are employees or independent contractors.

GPS systems that allow you to track not only location but speed and hard braking are important tools to monitor the activity of your drivers. Additionally, purchasing dash cams to record activity for both front and back recording is also a good safety feature and will help you to keep claim activity lower.

Tow Truck Insurance Pennsylvania — Hire the Right Drivers.

Claims activity, as was mentioned above, is the number 1 reason why towing operators will pay the lowest rates for their Pennsylvania Tow Truck Insurance, and it’s also the number 1 reason why towing operators close their doors forever, because they can’t find affordable rates.

What drives claims? Bad drivers.

A bad driver or drivers will kill your business.

Example: one towing company with 20+ vehicles on their policy was canceled because of claim activity. Previously, they were paying around $80,000 per year with one insurer who has since gone out of business (too many claims).

Their new rate – the lowest they could find – was $365,000 per year!

They were a multi-million dollar towing operation and most of their trucks were financed. They could not simply shut down, so they paid the higher price to stay in business. Imagine if that is you.

Your insurance rates increase by four times because of bad drivers. Don’t think it’ll happen to you? Think again if you hire the wrong drivers.

As is true of any business, sometimes it is hard to find good help. Is that not true? Don’t fall into the mistake of hiring any driver who can fog a mirror; take the following steps prior to hiring a new driver:

#1 — run their motor vehicle report

#2 — only hire an experienced driver

#3 — ask if they caused any claims or accidents with the previous tow company. If so, ask for pertinent details on what happened.

#4 — require mandatory drug testing prior to hiring

Why should you take the above steps?

It is simply to protect your business. By failing to take the above steps you are entrusting a person whom you may have never known previously with your financial future.

In our next post we will see how you could lose everything in the blink of an eye when you hire the wrong driver or drivers. Click on Tow Truck Insurance in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to read this article.

Tow Truck Insurance Pennsylvania — A Company You Can Count On!

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Tow Truck Insurance Fort Wayne Indiana — New Program with Low Rates!

Tow Truck Insurance Fort Wayne IndianaDo you need low rates on Tow Truck Insurance in Fort Wayne Indiana or the surrounding areas?

Your search is over! Call 1-800-998-0662 and speak to the licensed agents of Pathway Insurance right now!

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Tow Truck Insurance Fort Wayne Indiana — New Rates.

It’s tough to find good rates on Tow Truck Insurance in Indiana, would you agree with that? We are pleased to announce a brand-new program has been released by a company offering competitive rates in all 50 states!

To start the quote process call our office right now. If we are not available send your request for quotes using our online system by clicking any of the links below. Make sure to choose the link for the area closest to your business:

The most qualified tow operators will be those with at least 2 years of prior insurance, although some exceptions could be made in some instances.

The best way to learn whether or not your company would qualify for this new program is to give us a call or if it’s after hours submit your information to us through our quote links that are listed above.

Let’s now consider part seven of avoiding creative ways to buy Tow Truck Insurance.

Tow Truck Insurance Fort Wayne Indiana — Avoid Using Creative Ways to Buy Tow Truck Insurance Part 7.

In our last article Stan Earnest, sales manager at XYZ Auto Insurance visits with Stephany Kowalski, a senior underwriter for the company and has her do a cross search for a potential customer insured by the company, after only a few moments Stephany finds the customer and Stan asks her if he can take her seat for a minute to check the file.

What does Stan find?

“Hmm that’s interesting, it looks like there might be something to this, I see a Ford F150 that was added recently to Mr. Henderson’s policy.” Stan taps a few more keys on his keyboard and pulls up the request from the agent to add this truck.

Stan continues, “Well, well it appears the mystery is deepening here, it’s listed an a pleasure only vehicle, says it’s titled in the name of Ricky, doesn’t have business use listed, not that it would because we don’t offer commercial auto insurance, is this a mistake I wonder?”

Stephany offers to make a call to the agent and Stan authorizes her to do so.

In our next article we will consider what Stephanie discovers in speaking with the agent of record on this account.

Tow Truck Insurance Fort Wayne Indiana — Call Pathway Today.

Don’t forget to call and speak with one of our agents to see if you may qualify for this brand-new Indiana Tow Truck Insurance program available in all 50 states.

Brand-new business ventures may not qualify for this program but other insurers will be interested in providing quotes for new business ventures.

Call 1-800-998-0662 to speak with one of our knowledgeable Commercial Truck Insurance Agents or if it is more convenient use our chat system that is available seven days per week.

One final method request quotes is to use our online submission system. Find the area closest to your business location, click that link, completed a few details, and a licensed agent will get back with you soon.

Below you will find the links:

Tow Truck Insurance Louisville Kentucky

Tow Truck Insurance Louisville Kentucky — Low Rates & Same Day Coverage for Small Companies!

Tow Truck Insurance Louisville Kentucky We offer very low rates and same day coverage when you need Tow Truck Insurance in Louisville Kentucky and the surrounding areas!

Call Pathway Insurance right now by dialing 800-998-0662 to speak with one of our licensed representatives or send us your request for quotes around the clock 24 hours per day by clicking one of the links below based on the closest area of operation for your business:

Tow Truck Insurance Louisville Kentucky – Don’t Try This Ever!

In a series of articles, we have considered the fictitious story of one Bugsy McCoy, owner of Bugsy McCoy Towing.

Bugsy got himself into a really bad situation because he was a really bad judge of business character in hiring tow drivers. You see, he just so happened to hire two knuckleheaded brothers named Jim and Joe Henderson.

Jim and Joe are some of the worst drivers you can possibly imagine and have no business driving big trucks that can do BIG damage.

In the space of only a few years, they caused about $120,000 in claims. After losing a bundle of money insuring Bugsy McCoy Towing, Bugsy’s former Kentucky Tow Truck Insurance Company dropped them as soon as they could.

Bugsy then gets the idea to close his former company and open a new tow company under a different name, hoping he will get a fresh start on his insurance. There was only one small problem: insurance companies are now able to detect these types of shenanigans when they’re pulled on them.

Unfortunately, Bugsy called Slick Willie for Kentucky Tow Truck Insurance Quotes, and Willie is in a bit of a financial jam, himself. He has less than four weeks to pay back $15,000 owed to his one and only company offering Tow Truck Insurance in Kentucky.

Slick Willie comes up with the perfect solution in his mind.

Tow Truck Insurance Louisville Kentucky – Trust But Verify!

Slick Willie lets Bugsy know about a “new company” willing to insure his business, and the price is close to $29,000 for the year. Bugsy can get a BIG “discount” if he pays for the 12 months in full, bringing the price down to exactly $15,000.

In reality, this “new company” is no more real than the fake news we see on social media and TV today.

However, Slick Willie figures he can get away with committing such a felony because old Bugsy is trying to flimflam insurance companies himself, which is better known as insurance fraud. Willie figures two wrongs will make his financial situation right.

Bugsy agrees to buy a policy from Slick Willie. He hands over a check for $15,000 payable to Slick Willie himself, signs some fake insurance applications, and doesn’t bother to check the name of the insurance company. This is why we say “trust but verify.”

It’s always a good idea to make sure the company you are buying an insurance policy from is a real company, not simply a figment of someone’s clever imagination.

So now that we are almost caught up, let’s fill in a few more details so the story is complete.

About 11 days later Jim Henderson runs over a biker as he is making his way to pick up a disabled vehicle. Real trouble is about to begin for both Bugsy and Slick Willie.

Tow Truck Insurance Louisville Kentucky — BIG Trouble!

Jim did not mean to hit the biker; he was simply too distracted by a text message his brother sent him to notice that he was drifting right. He clipped the bicyclist who was out to get some exercise.

Jim initially lies to the police officer, but while taking a statement the trooper grills Jim to tears. Jim finally admits he had taken his eye off the road to look at a text message when he hit the biker.

The second issue comes just moments later. Jim hands the second trooper his commercial insurance information but something does not look right. Jim calls Bugsy to tell him about the accident and wants a better copy of his insurance card.

Bugsy calls Slick Willie to let him know that Jim had an accident. This is how the brief conversation went:

“Hey, I just wanted to double check something. I have a million dollars of coverage, right?” Bugsy asks with some clear anxiety in his voice.

“Let me check, Bugsy. I have to put you on hold.”

Slick Willie did not think for even a second that an accident would happen so soon. Sure Bugsy is an idiot, with two even dumber drivers working for him, but this soon?

Slick Willie picks up the phone to ask, “What happened?”

After Bugsy relates all the details of which he is aware, he asks “I’m covered up to a million right?”

“Well, it takes time to investigate these things, Bugsy. The claims department will be in touch soon.” He hangs up the phone on Bugsy.

Bugsy is feeling a little more anxiety after being hung up on by his agent, so after thinking about it for a few minutes Bugsy decides to call in the claim himself. He Googles his insurance company to get the claims reporting number since it wasn’t on his policy or ID cards in his desk drawer.

We will find out what happens in our next post.

Tow Truck Insurance Louisville Kentucky — Don’t Get Tricked!

Here is a sad fact: there are bad apples in every industry and the insurance business is no exception. Agents have been caught selling fake insurance policies, so you need to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

You can trust the agents of Pathway Insurance. We have a stellar track record of honesty and integrity within the insurance industry. We do not use dishonesty or tricks to entice customers into buying insurance.

In fact, we have produced a video series that addresses bait and switch insurance quoting that some of our competitors have engaged in. You can watch this video by clicking Bait and Switch Truck Insurance Quoting to learn more.

Call Pathway For Kentucky Tow Truck Insurance!

Our agents are standing by to help you find the best options for Tow Truck Insurance in Louisville or the surrounding areas. Why not call right now?

If you find our website after hours you can still send us your request for quotes 24/7 by clicking one of the links below for your nearby area:

Tow Truck Insurance Grand Prairie Tx

Tow Truck Insurance Grand Prairie Tx – Great Coverage & Service From A Name You Can Trust!

At Pathway Insurance, we know we can find you excellent rates and coverage on Tow Truck Insurance in Grand Prairie Tx and the surrounding areas. But in addition to great prices and coverage, Pathway also provides top-notch customer service.

It’s hard to find good customer service today but you can count on excellent customer service from Pathway Insurance.

To speak with a licensed agent call us toll free at 800-998-0662.

We are open Mon – Fri from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM to complete new quotes, answer questions, accept payments, service policies, and much more.

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Tow Truck Insurance Texas – Claims Scenario Part Six.

Tow Truck Insurance Grand Prairie TxWe return now to the latest misfortune to befall Billy Sandwichshort.

Recall that in our previous segment Billy had to resort to storing his customers’ vehicles on his property – often overnight – because he sometimes has more business than he can handle in a single day.

One night a group of miscreants hopped the fence surrounding Billy’s property and vandalized the parked cars that were awaiting repairs.

Billy’s only recourse was to file an insurance claim for the damage.

About fourteen days later, Billy immediately recognizes the response letter from his insurance company (he has become quite used to them).

The letter informs him that the damage has been estimated at 6,400 dollars, and that the insurance company will not be reimbursing any of it.

Billy’s heart has become so cold and jaded from disappointment that he doesn’t know what to feel anymore. Still, he reads on.

The insurance company’s letter goes on to inform him that in order for his customers’ property to be covered while under Billy’s care he would need to purchase a type of coverage called Storage Location Insurance*.

Texas Storage Location Insurance is highly recommended for any business who stores its customers’ property on location for any period of time.

If Billy had read his own coverage carefully he may have understood that it did not extend to others’ property.

*Outside of Texas and Virginia, Storage Location Insurance is called Garagekeepers Insurance.

Tow Truck Insurance Grand Prairie Tx – Don’t Stay In The Dark On Your Insurance!

Don’t be like Billy. Call Pathway Insurance now at 800-998-0662 for Grand Prairie Tx Tow Truck Insurance, Grand Prairie Tx Storage Location Insurance, and for answers to tough insurance questions.

We also offer Texas Tow Truck Insurance in the following cities:

Tow Truck Insurance Amarillo Tx

Tow Truck Insurance Amarillo Tx – Why Should You Choose An Independent Agency?

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Tow Truck Insurance Texas – Claims Scenario Part Six.

Last time, Billy had just received notice from his insurance company about his latest insurance claims.

His commercial auto insurance covered the damage to his own tow truck but because he did not purchase optional Garagekeepers Insurance* the damage to his customer’s vehicle was not covered.

After sorting out the financials with his understandably perturbed customer, Billy gets back to work.

Despite his recent setbacks, business has really been picking up lately. In fact, Billy starts to become so backlogged that he has taken to storing as many as four or five vehicles at a time on his property while he’s working on other cars.

One evening, while Billy is asleep, a group of hooligans jump the fence around Billy’s property and discover the parked vehicles.

Just for fun they smash all the cars’ headlights and taillights and then run away before Billy has a chance to spot them.

Once again, Billy files an insurance claim for the damage to his customers’ vehicles that have been vandalized.

Will Billy finally catch a break this time, or has he skipped out on important coverage once again?

Find out in our next article.

*Outside of Texas and Virginia, Garagekeepers Insurance is called On-Hook Coverage.

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At Pathway, we think it’s important that our customers have a solid understanding of their insurance policies.

Knowing what is and is not covered by your Texas Commercial Auto Insurance policy, for example, can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a catastrophic financial loss!

To help illustrate this point, we sometimes use fictional insurance scenarios. The following is a continuation of our series observing the insurance pitfalls of Billy Sandwichshort.

Tow Truck Insurance Texas – Claims Scenario Part Five.

Tow Truck Insurance Irving TxIn our previous article, Billy seemed to learn his lesson and purchase the proper commercial policy to cover his tow truck.

It was not long before he found himself in another accident, however, so his coverage is about to be put to the test.

Billy files two insurance claims: one for damage to his tow truck, and another for damage to his customer’s vehicle that he was towing at the time of the crash.

A couple weeks later the insurance company replies. They inform Billy that the substantial damage to his truck will be covered in full by Billy’s commercial auto policy.

Billy is so overjoyed that he almost forgets to read the second half of the letter. He calms down and reads on.

To Billy’s great disappointment, the insurance company also informs him that the considerable damage to the car belonging to his customer will not be covered under Billy’s insurance policy.

How can this be? Billy has the right policy this time!

Remember from last week’s article how Billy’s agent recommended some additional coverage options for Billy’s situation? One of those options is called Garagekeepers Insurance*.

Garagekeepers Insurance specifically protects damage to non-owned vehicles while being towed by a covered auto. Without it, damage to the vehicle being towed is not covered.

And that means Billy is once again stuck with a big bill and one angry customer.

*Outside of Texas and Virginia, Garagekeepers Insurance is called On-Hook Coverage.

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Tow Truck Insurance Texas – Claims Scenario Part Four.

If you’ve been following our multi-part insurance scenario series starring Billy Sandwichshort then you know that Billy has made a few big mistakes with his business insurance choices that have cost him dearly.

In last week’s article Billy’s insurance company denied his insurance claim because Billy had purchased a personal auto insurance policy in lieu of a proper commercial auto insurance policy for his tow truck.

As a result, Billy is now left to foot the bill for his own tow truck and sort out the repair costs of his customer’s vehicle.

The Sandwichshorts are no quitters, however. Undaunted, Billy resolves to learn his lesson and get things right next time. He stomachs the bill for the damage to his truck, works things out with the customer who owns the battered car, and begins again.

Billy calls up his agent and makes a point to purchase a commercial auto insurance policy for his truck this time around. He’s a little surprised by the price.

The agent suggests a number of optional coverage types that, in his opinion, would be a good idea to have for a business such as Billy’s, but Billy declines; he doesn’t have as much room in his budget as he thought, so he figures he can live with a no-frills policy.

Several months later, it’s déjà vu all over again. While on a routine towing trip, Billy winds up in an accident that leaves his tow truck and another customer’s vehicle badly damaged.

Though frustrated, Billy isn’t too bothered. After all, he purchased a commercial auto policy this time. He’s covered, right?

Find out in our next article.

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