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Beavercreek Ohio Tow Truck InsuranceAre you searching for Tow Truck Insurance in Beavercreek Ohio or the surrounding areas? Then search no more because the specialists at Pathway Insurance are here to help.

Pathway Insurance is a leading independent insurance agency with the expertise and experience to help you find top-tier rates and coverage for Tow Truck Insurance in Ohio.

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Whether your towing operation is part of a repair garage or it’s a dedicated towing service, Pathway Insurance offers insurance solutions for all kinds of towing situations.

As you’re shopping for Tow Truck Insurance in Ohio pay careful attention to the exclusions of coverage on your policy. 

Beavercreek Ohio Tow Truck Insurance – Exclusions of Coverage. 

In case your recollection is fuzzy, exclusions of coverage are specific situations pointed out in the language of an insurance policy for which coverage would not be approved by the insurance company. We’ve looked at the topic of exclusions of coverage several times before, so this week we’re going to look at them from a slightly different angle.

In addition to being aware of the exclusions of coverage present in your insurance policy, it is also important to be aware that no two insurance providers’ policies are exactly the same; what’s covered by one policy will not necessarily be covered by the other.

Also, as we’ll learn in the upcoming coverage scenario, in some instances the language of your policy will spell out the specific cases in which coverage is provided, meaning that any cause not on that list is excluded.

As with any exclusions of coverage question, the advice we give at Pathway Insurance to our policyholders is to read your policy very carefully

You want to know what is and, more importantly, is not covered on your Ohio Tow Truck Insurance policy so you won’t be caught off guard by a claim denial in the future.

Beavercreek Ohio Tow Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario

“Penny Pincher” Perry Plumbucket is the owner of Pretty Perry’s Punctual Towing Emporium. Perry is known as a Penny Pincher for a reason; he saves money and cuts corners where he can. That can often be a good thing, but Perry tends to take it too far, even where safety is concerned.

So it should come as no surprise that when choosing an insurance policy for his fleet of tow trucks, Perry Plumbucket  chose the cheapest up-front option.

His insurance provider offers Comprehensive coverage, which essentially covers damage by any cause, but they also offer something called Specified Causes of Loss Coverage.

Specified Causes of Loss Coverage protects your vehicles from damage due to specific causes listed in the policy.

Penny Pincher Perry doesn’t bother to read his policy, let alone the list of specified causes. He pays what he owes and gets back to work.

We’ll see how that goes for Perry in next week’s article.

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Tow Truck Insurance Columbus OhioIf you’re looking for Tow Truck Insurance in Columbus Ohio and the nearby areas then look no further than Pathway Insurance. 

As a leading independent agency in Ohio, Pathway Insurance has the experience and knowledge to help business owners like you find the coverage and rates they need on Tow Truck Insurance in Ohio. 

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Tow Truck Insurance Columbus Ohio – Exclusions of Coverage. 

In this week’s article we’re continuing the exclusions of coverage theme. To recap, exclusions of coverage are specific situations pointed out in the language of an insurance policy for which coverage would not be granted by the insurance company. 

As we’ve said before, the best advice we can give at Pathway Insurance when it comes to exclusions of coverage is to read your policy very carefully

It is the most reliable way to fully understand what is and is not covered on your Ohio Tow Truck Insurance policy. 

The following is a claims scenario to illustrate the importance of knowing your policy’s exclusions of coverage. Let’s see how it concludes:

Columbus Ohio Tow Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario. 

You may recall that Jeff Johannson  drives a tow truck for a towing company, and he’s known around town for having won a hefty sum of money from a lawsuit a few years back.

When last we left Jeff, he and his wife had just been injured while Jeff was on the job. He was too busy arguing with his wife, whom he was giving a ride to the casino, to notice that he had improperly attached the hook of his tow truck to a customer’s car. The car came loose and rolled on top of the couple.

With his arm broken and his wife in the emergency room, Jeff sees another opportunity to make easy money.

Jeff thinks he can file a lawsuit against his employer, Walter and obtain a large 6 figure settlement. Jeff realizes he’ll quickly get fired by Walter but believes the big settlement will be worth it, plus he will be able to collect unemployment after getting the axe.

Jeff writes up the lawsuit using big legal terms such as loss of consortium and untold pain and suffering to make his case.  Jeff knows that his boss has $5 million of coverage and plenty of money in the bank and expects a quick and large settlement from Walter’s insurance company.

Jeff prepares his lawsuit papers, and files them at the court house after paying his fee.

Is Jeff getting ready to make his second big pay day?

We will learn the answer in next week’s post to see what happens.

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It’s super important to understand how your coverage works when you purchase Tow Truck Insurance in Columbus Ohio and the nearby areas.

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This is Why You Should Not Buy Cheap Tow Truck Insurance in Ohio.

The word cheap can be taken a few different ways.  Something cheap may not be of value when you need it most.  A cheap suit may quickly wear out and cheap food may give you indigestion or sit like a lead weight in your stomach.

Likewise buying cheap tow truck insurance in Ohio may lead to broken promises and claim denials!

Tow truck insurance is a so much more complicated than the price you pay for it.  Because of this it is important to work with Pathway Insurance as we can help you find the coverage you need.

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Ohio Tow Truck Insurance Policies Include Exclusions of Coverage, Don’t Skip the Fine Print!

Commercial truck insurance policies contain terms and conditions and exclusion of coverage so it is important that you become familiar with what is covered or not covered.

Example of one activity not covered under the Ohio Tow Truck Insurance Policy: Expected or Intended Injury.

Bodily injury or property damage either expected by or caused intentionally by or at the direction of any insured.

Let’s consider a claims scenario to see how this exclusion could come into play.

Henry Finnegan works for Veracity Towing Services and is a bit of a hothead and loses his temper quite easily. Henry is dispatched over to South Street to pick up and illegally parked 1999 Ford Taurus.

The police have already issued a ticket to the owner and had left the scene just as soon as Henry arrives.  As Henry finalizes hooking up the Ford Taurus and is getting ready to leave the owner of the vehicle, Ted Stevens shows up and demands that Henry unhook his car.

Henry requires that Ted show proof of ownership and advises he will need to pay a fee for him to unhook the vehicle.

Ted had been partying all night long and is half drunk and in a very argumentative mood so he tells Harry to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.  Henry with a bit of edge to his voice advises Ted that he can pick his car up at the city impound lot.

This send Ted into a rage and he begins to yell and scream at the top of his lungs and Henry gets into his tow truck to leave the scene before he decks this obnoxious drunk.

With liquid courage flowing through his veins Ted decides to stand in front of the tow truck so Henry can’t leave.  Henry blows the horn at Ted a few times and decides to give Ted a small nudge with the truck.  He moves his tow truck forward just a few inches without hitting Ted to try to scare him.

Ted believes Henry is going to run him over and he trips and falls down hitting his head on the asphalt pavement.

Henry calls the police and they arrive and take a statement from Henry and Colin in the list to transport Ted to the hospital.  10 days later a lawsuit is filed against Veracity Towing Services naming Henry as a defendant for running Ted over with the tow truck.

Will the policy issued to Veracity Towing Services pay for this claim or defend Henry for his allegedly running Ted over with his tow truck?

We will consider this answer in a future article to see how things turned out.

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