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Tow Truck Insurance Parma Ohio – Do You Offer Repo Work?

You should know that if you offer repo work most companies offering Tow Truck Insurance in Parma Ohio will avoid you like the plague!


Repo work is a riskier business class for insurance companies compared to an auto repair garage offering towing services picking up broken down or wrecked vehicles.

Most insurance companies will limit the amount of repo work you can do to 10% or less.

However, Pathway Insurance can help you find insurance companies willing to insure your business even if your repo work makes us 100% of your business!

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Strongsville Ohio Tow Truck InsuranceIf you are shopping for Tow Truck Insurance in Strongsville Ohio or the surrounding areas then look no further than the knowledgeable agents of Pathway Insurance.

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Strongsville Ohio Tow Truck Insurance – Exclusions of Coverage – Don’t Skip Reading the Fine Print!

Today we will continue to look at exclusions of coverage in the typical commercial auto insurance policy. Exclusions of coverage are specific situations where coverage for a certain type of claim could be denied by the insurance company.

Exclusions of coverage are listed in the commercial auto insurance policy and it’s important to understand what is not covered.

Strongsville Ohio Tow Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario.

The last time we saw “Penny Pincher” Perry Plumbucket, owner of Pretty Perry’s Punctual Towing Emporium, he had just received a call from one of his tow truck drivers.

While driving down a dark country road, a group of deer ran across the road and the driver, before he had time to react, hit the last one head on causing a significant amount of damage to the tow truck to the tune of $22,624 of damages.

Only one week after Perry files a claim for damage to his tow truck he receives notice from his insurance company informing him that his claim has been denied!

How can this be?

To answer that question, we must take a look at Perry’s policy. Remember that Perry went with a type of coverage called Specified Causes of Loss Coverage?

This kind of coverage only protects your vehicles from damage due to specific causes clearly listed in the policy. So in other words, for coverage to apply the claim event must be listed in his policy.

Here is that section from Perry’s policy:

We will pay for loss to a covered auto or its equipment under Specified Causes of Loss Coverage Caused by:

(1) Fire, lightning or explosion; (2) Theft; (3) Windstorm, hail or earthquake; (4) Flood; (5) Mischief or vandalism; or (6) The sinking, burning, collision or derailment of any conveyance transporting the covered auto.

Do you see something missing?

Yes indeed. Collision with an animal is not listed as a covered peril under the coverage he had chosen. Therefore, it is not covered!

That’s a pretty tough lesson to learn the hard way. Perry writes a check for $22,624 to the body shop to get his tow truck back in running order.

Here’s a follow-up question: a personal automobile insurance policy would have covered a claim due to an accident with an animal.

Why is damage caused by an animal not listed on Perry’s insurance policy?

We will answer that question in next week’s article.

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This is Why You Should Not Buy Cheap Tow Truck Insurance in Ohio.

The word cheap can be taken a few different ways. Something cheap may not be of value when you need it most. A cheap suit may quickly wear out and cheap food may give you indigestion or sit like a lead weight in your stomach.

Likewise buying cheap tow truck insurance in Ohio may lead to broken promises and claim denials!

Tow truck insurance is a so much more complicated than the price you pay for it. Because of this it is important to work with Pathway Insurance as we can help you find the coverage you need.

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Ohio Tow Truck Insurance Policies Include Exclusions of Coverage, Don’t Skip the Fine Print!

Commercial truck insurance policies contain terms and conditions and exclusion of coverage so it is important that you become familiar with what is covered or not covered.

Example of one activity not covered under the Ohio Tow Truck Insurance Policy: Expected or Intended Injury.

Bodily injury or property damage either expected by or caused intentionally by or at the direction of any insured.

Let’s consider a claims scenario to see how this exclusion could come into play.

Henry Finnegan works for Veracity Towing Services and is a bit of a hothead and loses his temper quite easily. Henry is dispatched over to South Street to pick up and illegally parked 1999 Ford Taurus.

The police have already issued a ticket to the owner and had left the scene just as soon as Henry arrives. As Henry finalizes hooking up the Ford Taurus and is getting ready to leave the owner of the vehicle, Ted Stevens shows up and demands that Henry unhook his car.

Henry requires that Ted show proof of ownership and advises he will need to pay a fee for him to unhook the vehicle.

Ted had been partying all night long and is half drunk and in a very argumentative mood so he tells Harry to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Henry with a bit of edge to his voice advises Ted that he can pick his car up at the city impound lot.

This send Ted into a rage and he begins to yell and scream at the top of his lungs and Henry gets into his tow truck to leave the scene before he decks this obnoxious drunk.

With liquid courage flowing through his veins Ted decides to stand in front of the tow truck so Henry can’t leave. Henry blows the horn at Ted a few times and decides to give Ted a small nudge with the truck. He moves his tow truck forward just a few inches without hitting Ted to try to scare him.

Ted believes Henry is going to run him over and he trips and falls down hitting his head on the asphalt pavement.

Henry calls the police and they arrive and take a statement from Henry and Colin in the list to transport Ted to the hospital. 10 days later a lawsuit is filed against Veracity Towing Services naming Henry as a defendant for running Ted over with the tow truck.

Will the policy issued to Veracity Towing Services pay for this claim or defend Henry for his allegedly running Ted over with his tow truck?

We will consider this answer in a future article to see how things turned out.

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