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At Pathway, we think it’s important that our customers have a solid understanding of their insurance policies. 

Knowing what is and is not covered by your Texas Commercial Auto Insurance policy, for example, can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a catastrophic financial loss!

To help illustrate this point, we sometimes use fictional insurance scenarios. The following is a continuation of our series observing the insurance pitfalls of Billy Sandwichshort. 

Tow Truck Insurance Texas – Claims Scenario Part Five.

Tow Truck Insurance Irving TxIn our previous article, Billy seemed to learn his lesson and purchase the proper commercial policy to cover his tow truck. 

It was not long before he found himself in another accident, however, so his coverage is about to be put to the test. 

Billy files two insurance claims: one for damage to his tow truck, and another for damage to his customer’s vehicle that he was towing at the time of the crash. 

A couple weeks later the insurance company replies. They inform Billy that the substantial damage to his truck will be covered in full by Billy’s commercial auto policy. 

Billy is so overjoyed that he almost forgets to read the second half of the letter. He calms down and reads on. 

To Billy’s great disappointment, the insurance company also informs him that the considerable damage to the car belonging to his customer will not be covered under Billy’s insurance policy. 

How can this be? Billy has the right policy this time! 

Remember from last week’s article how Billy’s agent recommended some additional coverage options for Billy’s situation? One of those options is called Garagekeepers Insurance*. 

Garagekeepers Insurance specifically protects damage to non-owned vehicles while being towed by a covered auto. Without it, damage to the vehicle being towed is not covered.

And that means Billy is once again stuck with a big bill and one angry customer. 

*Outside of Texas and Virginia, Garagekeepers Insurance is called On-Hook Coverage.

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Tow Truck Insurance Texas – Claims Scenario Part Four. 

If you’ve been following our multi-part insurance scenario series starring Billy Sandwichshort then you know that Billy has made a few big mistakes with his business insurance choices that have cost him dearly. 

In last week’s article Billy’s insurance company denied his insurance claim because Billy had purchased a personal auto insurance policy in lieu of a proper commercial auto insurance policy for his tow truck.  

As a result, Billy is now left to foot the bill for his own tow truck and sort out the repair costs of his customer’s vehicle. 

The Sandwichshorts are no quitters, however. Undaunted, Billy resolves to learn his lesson and get things right next time. He stomachs the bill for the damage to his truck, works things out with the customer who owns the battered car, and begins again. 

Billy calls up his agent and makes a point to purchase a commercial auto insurance policy for his truck this time around. He’s a little surprised by the price. 

The agent suggests a number of optional coverage types that, in his opinion, would be a good idea to have for a business such as Billy’s, but Billy declines; he doesn’t have as much room in his budget as he thought, so he figures he can live with a no-frills policy. 

Several months later, it’s déjà vu all over again. While on a routine towing trip, Billy winds up in an accident that leaves his tow truck and another customer’s vehicle badly damaged. 

Though frustrated, Billy isn’t too bothered. After all, he purchased a commercial auto policy this time. He’s covered, right? 

Find out in our next article.

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As an agency we like to inform clients about bad decisions they could make when purchasing insurance.  In a continuation of a claims scenario, we will learn about a BIG MISTAKE a gentleman by the name of Billy Sandwichshort made when he bought insurance for his tow truck.

Tow Truck Insurance Texas – Claims Scenario Part Three.

In our last post Billy Sandwichshort purchased insurance for his Ford pickup truck and began using it to provide a towing service for his car repair customers.

We witnessed as he narrowly avoided running over an armadillo crossing the road, only to instead cause major damage to a customer’s vehicle and his own truck.

Billy files a claim through the insurance company that recently provided him with a policy for his truck.

In the meantime he gets to work fixing the car and does his best to explain to the customer what happened.

A couple weeks later, Billy receives a letter from the insurance company. To Billy’s immense surprise, both claims have been denied.

You may recall that Billy did not inform his new agent that he intended to use his pickup truck to tow vehicles for his repair business. Had the agent known, he would have informed Billy that he needed a business auto policy.

Normally the agent would have caught this sort of thing when he ran the vehicle’s VIN, but because it is a typical pickup truck retrofitted to tow small cars the VIN did not tip him off to the usage of his truck.

The letter says that a personal auto insurance policy contains the following exclusion of coverage:

Coverage is excluded if the insured vehicle is: Used in the business of selling, repairing, servicing, storing, or parking vehicles.

Unfortunately that is exactly what Billy was doing and his insurance company rightly refused to provide coverage under the personal automobile insurance policy Billy mistakenly bought.

But what about the customer’s vehicle Billy was towing? Let’s say Billy had in fact purchased a commercial auto policy; would the damage to the customer’s car be covered then?

We’ll answer that question in our next article.

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Keep this in mind as you are shopping for Tow Truck Insurance in Texas — it doesn’t cover every sort of claim event so it is super important to read your policy so you understand what is, covered, and most importantly what isn’t covered!

Another important step is to make sure you set your policy up right in the first place. We are going to continue a conversation we started in our last post about our fictitious backyard mechanic named Billy Sandwichshort. 

Tow Truck Insurance Laredo Tx – Claims Scenario-Part Two. 

In our last article we were introduced to a back yard mechanic named Billy Sandwichshort.

You’ll recall that after a couple years of saving Billy purchased a used Ford F250 rigged with a tow kit to offer a towing service along with his repair service, but his insurance agent informed Billy that their agency does not insure trucks for business operations.

He recommended that Billy look around for a company that will do so.

Billy calls up another insurance provider that offers commercial policies and tells them he needs insurance for his truck.

It does not occur to Billy to inform this new agency that he will be using the truck to tow vehicles for his back yard repair service.

The new agent sets Billy up with a personal auto policy, and before long Billy is towing customers’ cars and raking in lots of new business.

A few weeks later, Billy drives off to pick up one of his customers’ broken down cars. He hitches the car to his truck and sets off for his back yard shop.

Because he is singing along to a catchy tune on the radio, Billy does not notice a large armadillo crossing the road in front of him until he’s almost upon it.

At the last moment Billy reacts and impulsively swerves to avoid the animal (which can be more dangerous than simply hitting the animal) and manages to dodge it. The sudden swerve is enough, however, to cause the car he is towing behind him to swing.

The momentum of the swinging car pulls Billy partially off the road. The back end of the car smashes into a telephone pole, breaking the bumper and tail light and damaging the rear axle.

Billy’s Ford hits a concrete retaining wall, resulting in significant damage to the truck’s front end.

What does this mean, given Billy’s new insurance coverage? Find out in our next article.

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