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Keep this in mind as you are shopping for Tow Truck Insurance in Texas — it doesn’t cover every sort of claim event so it is super important to read your policy so you understand what is, covered, and most importantly what isn’t covered!

Another important step is to make sure you set your policy up right in the first place. We are going to continue a conversation we started in our last post about our fictitious backyard mechanic named Billy Sandwichshort.

Tow Truck Insurance Laredo Tx – Claims Scenario-Part Two.

In our last article we were introduced to a back yard mechanic named Billy Sandwichshort.

You’ll recall that after a couple years of saving Billy purchased a used Ford F250 rigged with a tow kit to offer a towing service along with his repair service, but his insurance agent informed Billy that their agency does not insure trucks for business operations.

He recommended that Billy look around for a company that will do so.

Billy calls up another insurance provider that offers commercial policies and tells them he needs insurance for his truck.

It does not occur to Billy to inform this new agency that he will be using the truck to tow vehicles for his back yard repair service.

The new agent sets Billy up with a personal auto policy, and before long Billy is towing customers’ cars and raking in lots of new business.

A few weeks later, Billy drives off to pick up one of his customers’ broken down cars. He hitches the car to his truck and sets off for his back yard shop.

Because he is singing along to a catchy tune on the radio, Billy does not notice a large armadillo crossing the road in front of him until he’s almost upon it.

At the last moment Billy reacts and impulsively swerves to avoid the animal (which can be more dangerous than simply hitting the animal) and manages to dodge it. The sudden swerve is enough, however, to cause the car he is towing behind him to swing.

The momentum of the swinging car pulls Billy partially off the road. The back end of the car smashes into a telephone pole, breaking the bumper and tail light and damaging the rear axle.

Billy’s Ford hits a concrete retaining wall, resulting in significant damage to the truck’s front end.

What does this mean, given Billy’s new insurance coverage? Find out in our next article.

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