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As an agency we like to inform clients about bad decisions they could make when purchasing insurance. In a continuation of a claims scenario, we will learn about a BIG MISTAKE a gentleman by the name of Billy Sandwichshort made when he bought insurance for his tow truck.

Tow Truck Insurance Texas – Claims Scenario Part Three.

In our last post Billy Sandwichshort purchased insurance for his Ford pickup truck and began using it to provide a towing service for his car repair customers.

We witnessed as he narrowly avoided running over an armadillo crossing the road, only to instead cause major damage to a customer’s vehicle and his own truck.

Billy files a claim through the insurance company that recently provided him with a policy for his truck.

In the meantime he gets to work fixing the car and does his best to explain to the customer what happened.

A couple weeks later, Billy receives a letter from the insurance company. To Billy’s immense surprise, both claims have been denied.

You may recall that Billy did not inform his new agent that he intended to use his pickup truck to tow vehicles for his repair business. Had the agent known, he would have informed Billy that he needed a business auto policy.

Normally the agent would have caught this sort of thing when he ran the vehicle’s VIN, but because it is a typical pickup truck retrofitted to tow small cars the VIN did not tip him off to the usage of his truck.

The letter says that a personal auto insurance policy contains the following exclusion of coverage:

Coverage is excluded if the insured vehicle is: Used in the business of selling, repairing, servicing, storing, or parking vehicles.

Unfortunately that is exactly what Billy was doing and his insurance company rightly refused to provide coverage under the personal automobile insurance policy Billy mistakenly bought.

But what about the customer’s vehicle Billy was towing? Let’s say Billy had in fact purchased a commercial auto policy; would the damage to the customer’s car be covered then?

We’ll answer that question in our next article.

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Texas Tow Truck Insurance can be complicated; there are multiple coverage options and one size does not necessarily fit all. That’s why you want a seasoned agency to help you find and understand the insurance you need for your situation.

With over 25 years of experience the agents at Pathway Insurance can use their knowledge to help you find better coverage at a great rate.

Always Read Your Dallas Tx Tow Truck Insurance Policy!

The only news worse than finding out the tow trucks you own for your business have been severely damaged is finding out that the claim you filed for the damage with your insurance company has been denied.

Nobody wants to be in that situation, and that’s why it’s so important to read and understand the coverage detailed in your insurance policy. At the very least you should have a good grasp of the basics of your coverage and an awareness of the terms, conditions, and exclusions that apply.

Your tow truck insurance policy should be treated as a legal contract between you and the insurance company, because that’s exactly what it is. You owe it to yourself and your business to understand what is and isn’t covered. That simple knowledge could save you thousands of dollars in the future.

But don’t worry; you don’t have to go it alone. The knowledgeable agents at Pathway Insurance will be more than happy to assist you with understanding your trucking insurance policy, down to the tiniest detail.

Dallas Tow Truck Insurance – What Kinds of Coverage Do You Need?

Whether you own a dealership, a garage, or a dedicated towing operation may influence the kind of coverage you need.

For example, a tow truck’s general liability policy does not extend its coverage to the customer-owned vehicle being towed by it. In order to cover yourself in the event of damage to a customer’s vehicle while it’s being towed you need Texas Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance.

And if you hold customer vehicles on your property for any amount of time, such as overnight while waiting for repair work, then you are not covered unless you have Texas Storage Location Insurance. Storage Location Insurance will cover you in the event of vandalism or other forms of damage to your customers’ property while under your care.

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