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Tow Truck Insurance Fairfield Ohio – Have You Read Your Policy Yet?

Chances are good that you have purchased some kind of insurance before, such as car insurance or homeowners insurance. Before you settled on coverage did you read your policy?

If you said no, you are probably not alone. Many people do not bother to give their insurance policies much thought, but such a blasé attitude toward your insurance coverage can be dangerous because of those pesky exclusions of coverage we have mentioned before.

Exclusions of coverage are specific situations pointed out in the language of an insurance policy for which coverage would not be granted by the insurance company. The only way to make yourself aware of the exclusions of coverage lurking in your insurance policy is to read your policy very carefully!

Tow Truck Insurance Fairfield Ohio – Claims Scenario

In our last article we learned how “Penny Pincher” Perry Plumbucket suffered serious financial damage because of an exclusion of coverage that he was not aware of. He assumed that his policy protected his trucks from collision with an animal but it turned out that that wasn’t the case.

We then posed this follow-up question: Since a personal automobile insurance policy would have covered a claim due to collision with an animal such as a deer, why is damage caused by an animal not listed on “Penny Pincher” Perry’s insurance policy?

The answer is simple, and an important lesson to learn and be aware of: though there are often similarities, insurance coverage differs from company to company. What is covered by one insurance company’s policy may not necessarily be covered by another’s policy.

Let’s compare snippets from two different companies’ commercial auto insurance policies to illustrate this fact. The following are examples of a type of coverage usually called “Specified Causes of Loss”:

Company A:


Subject to the Limits of Liability, if you pay the premium for Specified Causes of Loss Coverage we will pay for loss to your insured auto and its permanently attached equipment caused by:

  1. fire, lightning or explosion;
  2. theft;
  3. windstorm or hail;
  4. earthquake;
  5. flood or rising water;
  6. malicious mischief or vandalism;
  7. the stranding, sinking, burning, collision, or derailment of any conveyance in or upon which your insured auto is being transported; or
  8. collision with a bird or animal.

No losses other than those specifically described above will be covered under Part II of this policy.

As you can see, Company A’s policy provides coverage for collision with an animal, as well a handful of other forms of damage.

Company B


Coverage 1. We will pay for loss to a covered auto or its equipment under Specified Causes of Loss Coverage Caused by:

  1. Fire, lightning or explosion;
  2. Theft;
  3. Windstorm, hail or earthquake;
  4. Flood;
  5. Mischief or vandalism; or
  6. The sinking, burning, collision or derailment of any conveyance transporting the covered auto.

As you can see, Company B’s policy looks very similar to Company A’s, but you’ll notice that coverage for collision with a bird or animal is missing.

The difference is subtle. How do you guard yourself against overlooking something like this? Like we said before: by reading your policy very carefully.

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Tow Truck Insurance Newark Ohio – Exclusions of Coverage. 

In keeping with our theme, this week’s article will once again focus on exclusions of coverage. To refresh your memory, exclusions of coverage are specific situations pointed out in the language of an insurance policy for which coverage would not be approved by the insurance company.

And because we can’t stress this enough, we’d like to state yet again that the best advice we can give when it comes to exclusions of coverage is to read your policy very carefully

It really is the most effective way to fully understand what is, and even more importantly what is not covered on your Ohio Tow Truck Insurance policy so that you aren’t caught off guard in the future. 

Let’s continue our claims scenario to illustrate the importance of knowing your policy’s exclusions of coverage.

Newark Ohio Tow Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario.

Jeff Johannson, known around town for having won a hefty sum of money from a questionable lawsuit a few years back, is attempting to go to court once again. He and his wife were injured while Jeff was on the job as a tow truck driver, and Jeff sees an opportunity to score another big settlement from the situation.

When last we left Jeff, he had just filed a lawsuit against his employer, Walter’s Repair and Tow. To save money up front, he also decided to file Pro Se, meaning he will be representing himself instead of hiring a lawyer.

Not long after filing the suit, Jeff gets a phone call from the attorneys representing Walter’s insurance company. They tell Jeff that he simply has no grounds for a case, and that if he doesn’t drop the lawsuit then the attorneys will petition the judge for a Declaratory Judgment.

What is a Declaratory Judgment?  In next week’s final post we will consider the answer to that question and learn whether or not Jeff has any recourse for the injuries he and his wife sustained.

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