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Tow Truck Insurance Dayton OhioWhen searching for Tow Truck Insurance in Dayton Ohio or the surrounding areas the best number to call for low rates and fast coverage is 1-800-998-0662.

Licensed agents are available by telephone MondayFriday until 5:30PM or if you use our online system seven days per week up until 5:30 PM.

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Pathway Insurance offers a specialized program for Garages, Car Dealerships, and Towing Service Companies throughout the United States.

Three Steps to Low Cost Dayton Ohio Tow Truck Insurance.

Notice the three steps listed below that will help you save money on your Ohio Tow Truck Insurance in order of importance:

Step OneAllow us to shop the market for your insurance. Insurance companies do not all charge the same prices. We represent a number of companies offering tow truck insurance in Dayton Ohio and throughout the state.

All Insurance companies go through cycles. Some are raising rates, some are lowering rates at the same time and quite a few agents want to keep you with the same company no matter what cycle your insurance company is in.

We are happy to shop the market for all of our existing customers anytime they request quotes.

For new customers we offer Tow Truck Insurance in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida seven days per week.

Step Two – Avoid hiring employees that have bad driving records. One of the best ways to make your premiums skyrocket is to employ or hire drivers with multiple tickets and accidents on their record.

If one of your employees is accident-prone think about encouraging them to find employment elsewhere.

Keep in mind one of your employees could sink your business financially… Imagine employing an individual who gets you canceled and you cannot find an insurance company willing to provide insurance.

Step Three Improve your credit score. Did you know some companies will take into consideration your business or personal credit, and some companies are not taking into consideration your credit score.

Let’s assume you have a 750 FICO score or better. If the company you are currently insured with doesn’t take credit into consideration you are almost guaranteed to be paying 30 to 40% more than necessary.

What if you have bad credit and you’re insured with a company that uses credit? You are paying 30 to 40% more than a company not using credit.

We represent Ohio Tow Truck Insurance Companies that use credit and those who do not. Click on Dayton Ohio Tow Truck Insurance Quotes to send us your request for an online quote seven days per week.

You may save thousands.

Dayton Ohio Tow Truck Insurance – Low Rates & Same Day Coverage.

Call Pathway Insurance at 1-800-998-0662 when you’re shopping for tow truck insurance in Dayton Ohio or any of the surrounding areas.

We offer competitive rates and coverage seven days per week for tow truck insurance in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.

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