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Dump Truck Insurance Columbus OhioIf you’re seeking Dump Truck Insurance in Columbus Ohio or the nearby areas then you’ve come to the right place. The agents at Pathway Insurance are here to help you with your insurance needs.

Pathway Insurance is a leading independent insurance agency in Ohio, and because of this we have the tools and knowledge necessary to help you find best possible rates, options, and service for Ohio Dump Truck Insurance.

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Pathway Insurance can provide excellent insurance programs for all forms of dumping operations, from sand and gravel hauling to debris removal and everything in-between.

Columbus Dump Truck Insurance – Understand Your Policy

Insurance is inherently complicated, but commercial auto insurance is especially complex. There are many facets to commercial insurance policies, so it can be all too easy to misunderstand your coverage or to be lulled into assuming that you are covered for a given scenario when in reality you are not.

Like nearly all insurance policies, commercial auto policies feature exclusions that limit their coverage. Sometimes these exclusions are fairly straightforward, i.e. your dump truck would not be covered for damage to it as a result of an act of war. This simple exclusion is pretty simple to understand and is also relatively unlikely to ever be an issue.

There are other exclusions, however, that are both much trickier to wrap your head around and much more likely to occur in everyday life.

Reading and understanding the exclusions present in your policy is important because it can help you to avoid situations in which your coverage would be nullified, thus shielding you from the dreaded claim denial that could end up costing you thousands of dollars out of your own pocket.

Dump Truck Insurance Columbus Oh – Claims Scenario

Stewart Stump owns and operates a dump truck for his business, Stewart Stump’s Lift, Haul and Dump. Stewart Stump’s is an all-purpose dumping company; they haul dirt, sand, gravel, rubble, debris, and just about anything else one might need a dump truck for.

One breezy Tuesday afternoon, after a long, hot day, Stewart is looking forward to a refreshing shower and a relaxing evening at home to forget about his bad day. He had driven his dump truck all over town today, lugging tons of white sand, chalky gravel, and thick mud for various construction and landscaping projects. He is covered from head to toe in dried mud and fine white powder from all the sediments he’s hauled today.

Stewart’s mood is less-than-cheery at the moment. Just then, a blazing red sports car moving way too fast streaks in front of Stewart on the highway, nearly causing him to lose control of the wheel.

Stewart’s blood begins to boil as he decides to teach this hot-shot a lesson.

To be continued in next week’s article.

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