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Tow Truck Insurance Arlington Texas – Know Your Coverage Part 4.

In our last three articles we’ve been discussing the importance of understanding your Texas Tow Truck Insurance policy, and as we’ve said each time, the best way to understand your policy is to read it carefully.

Why don’t we return one last time to our claim scenario for the final illustration of the importance of understanding what your policy covers and more importantly what it doesn’t cover.

Tow Truck Insurance Texas – Coverage Scenario Concluded.

Jethro and Linda have been through an auto accident on their way home from a boating trip.

You’ll remember that they had just purchased a new boat but did not want to use their personal vehicles to pull their new watercraft. Instead, Jethro decided to use one of his tow trucks that he owns for his towing business.

You may recall that his claim was denied. Jethro was upset about this because prior to leaving for his trip he had called and spoken with his insurance agent’s secretary who had assured him that his On-Hook coverage would cover him when towing watercraft.

Why did the secretary tell him he was covered when he clearly was not?

When Jethro asked the secretary whether he would be covered by his On-Hook Coverage for towing a boat, he did not specify to her that it would be his boat being towed, and that made all the difference because of the following policy clause:

“Watercraft” not owned by or registered to “you.”

Jethro was still able to get the claim covered under his boat insurance policy, but he had to fork over $5,000 for his deductible.

There are two lessons that can be learned here:

1. Always read your policy, and

2. Always provide as much information to your insurance provider as possible.

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